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Peak Health and Fitness (Peak Fitness) is a community based fitness and health center. Our vision is to deliver a culture of fitness that is safe, non-intimidating and science-based. Peak Fitness provides an opportunity for people with chronic back pain, arthritis, cardiopulmonary conditions, balance issues or first time exerciser the chance to experience the tremendous benefits from exercise and the commitment to making healthy lifestyle choices.

Peak Fitness has licensed health care professionals throughout the staff to help our members meet their wellness and fitness goals. This program can account for and identify medical disease, dysfunction and complications when designing a customized fitness program for each member.

For all of our members, we set appropriate short and long term healthy fitness goals based on the initial fitness evaluation and scientific research. We are the only fitness center in the South Bay that provides the opportunity for all of our members to be screened by a licensed Physical Therapist to evaluate any unusual aches, pains or concerns that impact that day’s exercise program. The Physical Therapist and a certified personal trainer work hand in hand to create an appropriate work out program for each member. We monitor progress with quarterly fitness assessments and modify the program accordingly.

We provide a very clean, friendly and safe environment for all of our members and are responsive to you.

Whether you are looking to maintain or improve your current health and fitness level, we are here to help.



  • Initial Fitness Evaluation
  • Screening by licensed physical therapist to evaluate any unusual aches, pains and concerns
  • Individual short and long-term fitness goals
  • Personal work-out program specifically designed for each member
  • Exercise supervision by certified personal trainer
  • Quarterly fitness assessments and program modifications
  • Clean, friendly, safe environment

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What people are saying about Peak Fitness!

“I have been using Peak Orthopedic for over 2 years now.  Twice to recover from injuries and once using the Peak Fitness program to build strength, balance and coordination.  The results from these programs have more than met my expectations.  I offer the following summary of why I think Peak works”

  • People: The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and caring, giving you sense of one-on-one attention.  Although improvement is the goal, if not met, you are challenged, not judged.  This creates a very positive interaction.
  • Scheduling: Appointments are issued to avoid over-crowding and equipment wait times.
  • Facilities: The workout and therapy room environments are open, well-lighted and very clean.
  • Equipment: Equipment is new, well-maintained and clean.  It is varied enough to give you a workout on almost any part of the body needing work.” -J.G.



“Honestly, I do not like to exercise nor do I enjoy going to a gym. If you can relate, then Peak Fitness is for you! I joined the Peak Fitness exercise program and I cannot help but say enough good things about it! This was the perfect program that I was looking for in that I am able to work-out regularly in a gym with low membership fee, nice equipment and a great environment. The best thing is the awesome staff who really care and are there for you to help and guide you through your routine. The PT aides are so kind and willing to help any of us when we need it. To me, going to Peak Fitness is like joining a public gym and having personal trainers work with you. As I see it, the biggest difference is that I am not paying big $$ for someone to train me at Peak. Because of my work schedule, I find it hard for me to come at times. But once I’m here, I enjoy working-out for a couple of hours and find it hard for me to leave. Even if I don’t have time, I feel that something is better than nothing. I love Peak Fitness and what it has done for me. It has changed the way I look at exercise now and I look forward to the future in what it can do for me in achieving optimal health and a sense of well-being.” -S.M.



“Thank you Steve and the entire Peak Orthopedic staff for changing my health one day at a time! I appreciate you and the wonderful care you have given to me and my husband who also comes, too!”