Patient Testimonials

  • Honestly, I do not like to exercise nor do I enjoy going to a gym. If you can relate, then Peak Fitness is for you! I joined the Peak Fitness exercise program and I cannot help but say enough good things about it! This was the perfect program that I was looking for in that I am able to work-out regularly in a gym with low membership fee, nice equipment and a great environment. The best thing is the awesome staff who really care and are there for you to help and guide you through your routine. The PT aides are so kind and willing to help any of us when we need it. To me, going to Peak Fitness is like joining a public gym and having personal trainers work with you. As I see it, the biggest difference is that I am not paying big $$ for someone to train me at Peak. Because of my work schedule, I find it hard for me to come at times. But once I’m here, I enjoy working-out for a couple of hours and find it hard for me to leave. Even if I don’t have time, I feel that something is better than nothing. I love Peak Fitness and what it has done for me. It has changed the way I look at exercise now and I look forward to the future in what it can do for me in achieving optimal health and a sense of well-being.


    Thank you Steve and the entire Peak Orthopedic staff for changing my health one day at a time! I appreciate you and the wonderful care you have given to me and my husband who also comes, too!”

    Stella Makishi 5-1-18

  • “I have been using Peak Orthopedic for over 2 years now.  Twice to recover from injuries and once using the Peak Fitness program to build strength, balance and coordination.  The results from these programs have more than met my expectations.  I offer the following summary of why I think Peak works”

    • People: The staff are knowledgeable, helpful and caring, giving you sense of one-on-one attention.  Although improvement is the goal, if not met, you are challenged, not judged.  This creates a very positive interaction.
    • Scheduling: Appointments are issued to avoid over-crowding and equipment wait times.
    • Facilities: The workout and therapy room environments are open, well-lighted and very clean.
    • Equipment: Equipment is new, well-maintained and clean.  It is varied enough to give you a workout on almost any part of the body needing work.


    John Graves, 5-10-18

  • Eva Ruiz

    I feel my core and glutes are much stronger.  I have noticed and been told that my appearance has improved too!

    Before physical therapy I was very stiff and had limited mobility in my lower back. I did a lot of daily activities awkwardly with great effort to protect the lower back.  Now that I have completed physical therapy my mobility is much better.  I have learned to engage my core and glutes before doing everyday tasks and movement.  I feel my core and glutes are much stronger!  I have noticed and been told that my appearance has improved too!

  • Dean Nelson

    Over the five weeks…the pain was not only relieved, but eliminated.

    At first I was skeptical about my need for physical therapy, but I decided that maybe my doctor was right after all. At my first therapy session, Dr.Tyssee massaged my lower back and clearly identified the places where I was in pain.  The stretching exercises he prescribed addressed the pain caused by my tight muscles, and over the five weeks I saw Dr. Tyssee, the pain was not only relieved, but eliminated.  Dr. Tyssee is both personable and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend him to others.

  • Chris DeVries

    My back pain disappeared and I gained an inch in height.

    I knew I needed PT for a long time.  I had serious back and shoulder problems from 30 years of sitting in front of a computer doing programming and 2 shoulder injuries.  The results were surprising.  My back pain disappeared and I gained an inch in height.  My shoulder is almost there and I can feel the strength returning.  I never wish to tolerate such pain for so long for no reason.

  • Dan Mc

    Kris did a great job of diagnosing and treating my sciatica problem. She took an approach of progressively evaluating my condition and implemented appropriate therapy. It was very impressive that it took only 15 sessions to achieve success. Also, before treatment began, I was taking 2 Tylenol capsules a day. Now I don’t take any medication for the sciatica condition.

    I would also like to compliment Tom and Samantha for their help in gym exercises. They are very knowledgeable. The equipment in your treatment rooms and gym is first class and kept very clean. I am a very satisfied client and will not hesitate to return if additional therapy is needed

  • Evelyn R.

    Driving for me was torture. My knees caused me to experience unbearable pain while driving. With the knowledge at Peak Orthopedic I am now able to drive with zero pain. The physical therapy is designed personally to your needs and I can assure you that everyone there sincerely cares about your needs. Thank you POPT!

  • Robert T.

    I came here with a pretty serious knee issue that limited me from doing almost all physical activity. After the consultation and suggested therapy by the therapists, I can now get back to the physical activities I so much enjoy and get my life back. The staff was so helpful and encouraging. They are all professional, personable and very knowledgeable. I listened to their instruction and did what they told me to do on my own time. It really paid off as my knee issue has greatly improved and I can look forward to doing many activities I could not do before coming here. Most importantly, it has kept me from getting worse and possibly having surgery and for that I am very grateful to the entire staff. I highly recommend Peak Orthopedic to everyone in need of any physical therapy.

  • Dale L.

    I arrived scared that my left shoulder was ruined. Over the weeks, after stretches, exercises, and strengthening, I have full use of my shoulder again. In fact, I am stronger now than when I started. I had very limited range of motion. Now, I have a slightly broader range of motion than before the injury. Instead of cortisone and surgery, PT facilitated a complete recovery. I am very grateful for the physical therapy, PTs, and PT assistants. The bright, clean facility and positive environment helped me to get into a positive mindset of recovery. Thank you so much!

  • Dan M.

    Steve at Peak PT not only rehabilitated my shoulder preventing me from surgery, but several years later, after a severe shoulder dislocation and surgery, rehabilitated my shoulder to 100% in just 6 months. Great staff as well. I enjoyed my time in both the Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes offices.

  • Michelle B.

    My experience with Peak Orthopedic has been nothing but the best. My neck and head injury was bad, but, with the great hands of Kristina and Priya, I now feel 100%. Amazing! In only 6 visits, I can now move my head. Everyone has been wonderful, kind and I shall continue here as often as possible. Thank you all so much.

  • Stella M.

    I first came to Peak Orthopedic because of the pain I had with my neck. I had fallen in the tub while on vacation 7 years ago and had herniated the disc in my neck. Over the years, I was able to manage it with occasional PT, chiropractic care and acupuncture. From the time I woke up till the time I went to bed I had bad neck pain. What made the pain worse is that I have a computer related job.

    Dealing with this neck pain daily, I knew I couldn’t live like this and wanted to avoid surgery. By consistently going to PT for several months, Steve loosened that whole neck-shoulder area and gradually worked-out the big knots in my neck. PT along with all the exercises Steve and his team prescribed has helped me tremendously. Steve did an amazing job and now I am practically pain-free! Because of the type of work I do, occasionally, the neck pain would come back. But nowhere in comparison to what it was when I first started. By coming into PT for “maintenance,” I am able to keep the flare-ups down and manage that area better.

  • Leilani M.

    In 2015 I suffered a torn labrum in my right hip during a high school volleyball match. I came to Peak Orthopedic Physical Therapy to strengthen my hip and avoid surgery. I started therapy in an incredible amount of pain while simply walking. This hindered me from playing the sport I loved. The therapist helped me strengthen my hip and core through sport specific exercises, which made my rehab experience enjoyable. Unfortunately, I had to sit out during my senior season, but I was able to avoid surgery and even play volleyball in college pain-free. That was the ultimate goal. Peak Orthopedic Physical Therapy has an amazing and knowledgeable staff that will do all they can to make you feel better. They gave me a better quality of life than surgery could have.